Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do the cards Work? The Vaccination Exemption Cards contain bullet point listings of various International and Human Rights Laws, that clearly demonstrate that your informed express consent is required and you CANNOT be compelled to have any vaccinations against your free Will;
  1. What Should I Do with the Cards? Keep your vaccination exemption card with you at all times! – Should anyone make any demands of you to have the experimental vaccination and you do NOT wish to have it. Produce your card and you can clearly state what your Rights are under International Laws;
  2. What do I do with the Notice packs?

Download the free Notice packs [Here] and fill in your details to the pre-drafted Notices and Affidavit;

  • Send the 1st Notice of Conditional Acceptance and the DSAR at the same time;
  • Wait for thirty (30) days and send the 2nd Notice of Fault with Opportunity to Cure;
  • Wait for another ten (10) days before sending the third and final Notice of Default, and by then, they are in agreement that they can’t evidence their claim and they are in equitable estoppel;
  • Send off the Affidavit and give them thirty (30) days to rebut it point for point, and when they don’t, you then have the non judicial judgment;
  1. Are the cards and free Notice packs suitable for everyone?
    • Yes, everyone has the Right to the Protection of the Law;
  1. How big are the cards?
    • Our cards are the same size as a credit/ debit card so fit perfectly in your wallet or purse;
  1. How long does shipping take?
    • Orders for the cards are normally shipped within 48 hours Monday to Friday;
    • The Document Packs “FREE” [Click Here ] are available for instant download;
  1. How much is the Shipping and handling?
    • Free of charge by Royal Mail to UK mainland, or £2.95 by Recorded Signed For delivery;
  2. Do you store my credit card details when the payment is made?
    • No, we do not store your card details, they are processed by Stripe Payment Processing;

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