Government Legal Pack

This pack includes:

  • How to fill in instructions;
  • Notice of Conditional Acceptance;
  • Data Subject Access Request;
  • Notice of Fault with Opportunity to Cure;
  • Notice of Default (equitable estoppel);
  • Affidavit – Non-judicial judgement;

Our Free legal packs are for sending to the incumbent health minister the “Rt Honourable” Sajid Javid at the Office of State for Health and Social Care, and are suitable for Care Workers, or anyone being told the experimental vaccines are “Mandatory”;

The first documents to be sent are:

Document 1: the Notice of Conditional Acceptance, is where you state that you are happy to receive the experimental vaccination upon condition that they provide proof of their claims that the vaccinations are safe and effective to use?

This is sent at the same time as:

Document 2: the Data Subject Access Request where we are asking the same important questions to their Data Comptroller under subject access rules pursuant to both Article fifteen (15) and twenty (20) of the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and s.45/ s.94 of the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA), so that you may consider the possible vaccination side effects, as recorded on the MHRA Yellow Card Reporting Scheme;

Some of the questions and proofs of claim we are asking for include:

  • Empirical scientific evidence (if any) that proves that SARSCoV-2 has been scientifically isolated and proven to exist using the Koch’s postulates, where the sample was taken directly from one (1) single symptomatic patient with covid-19, where the sample was not combined or mixed with any other source of genetic material (such as: Monkey kidney, cancer cells, HIV virus, etc) thereby eliminating contamination and alternative sources of sampling;
  • Provide referenced scientific proof (if any) that proves that face masks are safe and work to stop the transmission of Covid-19;
  • Provide referenced scientific proof (if any) that proves that contact trancing prevents the spread of Covid-19 or any other purported virus;
  • Provide referenced scientific proof (if any) that proves that lock downs prevents the spread of Covid-19 or any other purported virus;
  • Proof that the Gillick Competence test can be used for anyone (let alone a legal minor), to make an informed decision, and to understand the implications of those decisions, as to whether to have an experimental vaccination, that are currently only in “emergency use”, and where any possible side effects and Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease are currently unknown until testing is concluded sometime in 2023;

In total there are fifteen (15) important questions that need to be answered…

Document 3: The Notice of Fault with Opportunity to Cure, is then sent some thirty (30) days later and gives them another ten (10) days to provide the evidence as required;

After the further ten (10) days has expired, you send:

Document 4: This is the Notice of Default, where it is explicitly stated; that we are in agreement that they can’t evidence their claim, and on that basis, you cannot be compelled to have the experimental jab, and if they try to force it upon you, then this is in breach of various international laws (highest man made laws on the planet) and are subject to your fee schedule;

Once you have completed these steps, it’s time to move onto sending:

Document 5: The Affidavit where you state all the administrative steps you have taken and clearly state that they have not provided proof of their erroneous claims;

The person served with the Affidavit, then has thirty (30) days to rebut it point for point by way of a counter Affidavit made under oath;

Should they fail to rebut your Affidavit within the said time, your Affidavit then becomes the judgement in both commerce and law and is non-judicial ie. not heard, ordered by, or otherwise involving [a] judge;

There is also an instruction document showing you how to fill the documents in;

Please Note: This document pack is for use by any adult who is being told that they must have [a] “mandatory” jab, and you can also add in your offspring’s [children’s] name(s) if they are legal minors ie. below the age of majority (eighteen (18));

We have created this document pack for people who do not know how to write [a] legal notice and haven’t got time to learn. It’s done for you, so all you have to do is download it fill it in and post them off to protect both yourself and your offspring (if any);

You can have them free of charge and you also have the option to buy us [a] coffee, if you wish to help us meet the site costs so we can help as many people as we can;

Please fell free to share them with your friends and family and hopefully we can get as many as possible to send to the Office of State for Health and Social Care, as it’s about time they proved it!

Even, if you feel that you do not need this pack for whatever reason, please checkout our free Data Subject Access Request here and send it anyway!


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