• Durable double sided plastic Hidden Disabilities Card;
  • Scannable QR Code that take you to the official NHS COVID Pass Exemption Guidance;
  • Blank fields on reverse of card, to fill in your details;
  • Icons on reverse inform people not to touch you and to keep their distance;

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Our Hidden Disabilities Cards are the perfect “visual cue” for you to carry with you, in case you are challenged to take a PCR test, and don’t like the thought of the cue tip sterilised using Cancer causing Ethylene Oxide being stuck up your nose!

You may declare a medical exemption with anyone including (but not limited to) your employer, venue organisers etc, where they are advised to be mindful and respectful, where there are potentially circumstances where a customer, or individual cannot safely demonstrate their COVID-19 status by taking a vaccination or a test;

Please note any form of visual cue that indicates an exemption should be respected! [quote from NHS Official website]

Our Hidden Disabilities Cards are the perfect “visual cue” that the card holder has some hidden disabilities and/ or medical exemption, and is asking not to be discriminate against in breach of the Equality Act 2010, (where the person who discriminates against you can be fined up to £9k);

If your employer or venue organisers needs more information, then simply instruct them to scan the QR Code on the back of the card, and it will take them directly to the official NHS website that clearly explains the Exemptions to them!


The reverse of the card also has blank fields where you can fill in your details using either a ball point or permanent marker pen;

Our Hidden Disabilities Cards are perfect to use in conjunction with Our NHS COVID Pass cards;


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