• Durable double sided novelty plastic School Exemption Card;
  • Scannable QR Code that take’s you to the Notice page of our website that lists your lawful and legal rights under International Human Rights Laws and Treaties, not to be vaccinated against your free Will;
  • Ideal for your offspring [children] to keep on them to show in school and elsewhere;
  • Fields on rear of card to fill in your offspring’s name, family or guardian name and contact number;
  • Quoted section from Public Health England and the Equality Act 2010;

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Our Yellow School Exemption Cards are ideal to give to your offspring [children] to carry in school and they make the perfect ‘visual cue’ that indicates an exemption should be respected, should some misinformed teacher, or school head wish to insist they wear masks which are now known to cause both physiological and psychological harm, take lateral flow tests or give unwanted vaccinations;

For parents that have concerns that their ex-partner may want their offspring vaccinated and you don’t, we have included guidance from Public Health England which states:

If there is disagreement between the people with parental responsibility then immunisation should not carried out until their dispute is resolved

In other words: If you and your ex disagree on your offspring being vaccinated ie. They want your offspring to be vaccinated, and you don’t. Then until both partners agree to them being vaccinated:

immunisation should not carried out until their dispute is resolved” – Public Health England.

The rear of the cards also asks not to be discriminated against, in breach of the Equality Act 2010;

The front of the School Exemption Cards states: “I AM LAWFULLY EXEMPT” and carry three (3) symbols: No Masks, No Testing, and No Vaccinations.

Symbol 1: No Mask. According to the official Government website:

“No pupil or student should be denied education on the grounds of whether they are, or are not, wearing a face covering”.

Symbol 2: No Rapid Flow Testing. No one can force your offspring to take tests where the sterilising agent used is one of the most carcinogenic cancer causing substances known to man and that is known to give false positives, which only help to increase their over inflated ‘case numbers’;

Symbol 3: No Vaccination. No one including (but not limited to) Schools or Governments can force anyone to take an experimental vaccination in breach of International Law, including (but not limited to) the Nuremberg Code 1947.

The only thing that is “Mandatory” when it comes to Experimental Vaccinations is your Informed Consent!

All they can do is “Offer it”…


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