Trespass Notice


It has now been announced by the main stream media that: Door-to-door teams armed with Covid clot-shots will be sent to the homes of unvaccinated Britons to reach the unvaccinated;

One Cabinet Minister said: ‘I think anything that encourages the vaccine-hesitant is sensible’;

Not everyone agrees and anyone who hasn’t had one until this point probable doesn’t want one, no more than they want some Muppet turning up at their door with an experimental clot-shot that will legally make them Trans-Human, just like the Muppet’s offering them;

Unfortunately, In law there is no such thing as Trespass as such as anyone could be Trespassing at anytime without even knowing it, and have what is known as an implied right of access;

People can only be Trespassing when they have been made aware of the fact that they are Trespassing. At that point the person who has been made aware they are Trespassing has to leave or it becomes the common law tort of Aggravated Trespass;

Download our free template where you make them a counter offer by way of a simple performance contract, where if they chose to knock they agree to pay your fee schedule or they can sling their hook…

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