• Durable double sided plastic VACCINATION EXEMPTION CARD;
  • Reverse of card has brief synopsis of relevant International Human Rights Laws and Treaties, that demonstrate that you cannot be vaccinated against your Will, and without your free and informed consent;
  • Scannable QR Code that take’s you to the Notice page of our website that lists your lawful and legal rights under International Human Rights Laws and Treaties, not to be vaccinated against your free Will;
  • Ideal for both you and your offspring [children] to keep on them to show as and when necessary;

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On the 13th of July 2021, the MP’s in UK Parliament voted by 319 votes to 246 to make the experimental so-called “vaccinations” mandatory for care home workers, before any impact assessment had been published, and where according to the Governments own Yellow card reporting scheme, that is believed to only account for a small percentage of actual cases there has been 1,102,228 adverse reactions as of the 1st of August 2021 (and rising), including heart inflammation, bell’s palsy, blindness, blood clots, anaphylaxis, menstrual disorders and the list goes on and on with approximately 1,517 Deaths that have been reported as caused by this unorthodox experimental mRNAs altering “Frankenstein” gene therapy;

However, as much as they might like to, they can’t make experimental so-called “vaccinations” mandatory for anyone, as this is in breach of International Laws and Human Right Treaties, that are the highest made-made Laws on the planet that must be obeyed by all signatories;

What they are really doing is making you an “Offer” to have their clot-shot;

The problem is most people do not know what rights protect them. On our double sided cards you will find the legal statement on the front (to whom it may concern), informing them that you do NOT consent to forced “Mandatory” vaccinations and the card has the scannable QR Code that when scanned will take you or them to the Legal Notice page on our website that clearly lays out your rights;

The reverse of the card has selected bullet points, covering various International Laws and Human Rights that must be obeyed by all signatories;

The only thing that is “Mandatory” when it comes to Experimental Vaccinations is your Informed Consent!

Ideal for both you and your offspring [Children] to carry with them at all times…


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